Rebuild Ukraine

Impact the World

Project Ukraine is working to ensure that Ukraine is rebuilt to become a tech superpower.

Bringing together the best technologists from Ukraine with their Western counterparts to work on cutting edge technological impact.
Uniting visionaries from around the world to work on post-war reconstruction.
Creating an ecosystem for exceptional Ukrainian entrepreneurs.


Project Ukraine is a part of the Ruliad ecosystem. Working towards real impact, Ruliad seeks to build innovative solutions that ensure a dynamic future.

Ukrainian technologists play a crucial role in developing the products and platforms that Ruliad is working on.

  • Find Refuge

    Project Ukraine is helping build a place for people to find refuge online. Beginning with displaced populations and transitioning to people in hardship more generally - we are matching people who need help with the people who can help them.
  • Rebuild Ukraine

    We are onboarding the best Ukrainian visionaries to collaborate with the pertinent Western partners and investors and aid in the rebuilding of the country.
  • Education Studios

    Project Ukraine is spearheading the development of platforms that completely erase the line between gaming and education, allowing players to immerse themselves in breathtaking worlds to discover their potential, and teachers to become world-builders and global influencers.
  • Start Up Ukraine

    Project Ukraine is developing a portal to identify the best and the most determined Ukrainian entrepreneurs, accelerate their projects, and connect them to the Western networks that need the Ukrainian resolve to engineer a better tomorrow.
  • Fair Markets

    Project Ukraine technologists are helping build tools that tackle friction, corruption, and externalities in various fields. Our work includes a network of apps that make hospitality and retail transparent and efficient, improving resource allocation and incentivization.


Be the future of Ukraine

We are looking for the greatest minds of Ukraine to solve the most interesting problems in the world and form the foundation of the post-war tech revolution in Ukraine.